105k+ Mile Service

  • Replace engine oil & filter, install new drain plug washer
  • Drain transmission fluid, replace drain plug washer, add new fluid and check for leaks
  • Inspect air filter, clean if necessary
  • Replace spark plugs (platinum only)
  • Inspect distributor cap & rotor for electrical corrosion
  • Check for abnormal noise in valve train, advise if adjustment is necessary (not applicable for V-6 models)
  • Check and Adjust ignition timing and set to factory specs
  • Inspect all fluid levels, check for leaks and add if necessary
  • Inspect clutch operation (if applicable)
  • Inspect brakes, lube all slides and contacts, condition surface area and adjust parking brake
  • Rotate tires, check for abnormal wear and adjust tire pressure
  • Replace wiper blades and add new washer solvent
  • Lubricate door hinges, hood hinges and silicon door seals
  • Check all lights for proper operation
  • Service cooling system and add new coolant
  • Inspect suspension components, including axles and boots
  • Inspect steering components, including power steering
  • Road test to insure repairs were done correctly

100K Club