At A & H Automotive, we perform each and every service as if it is our top priority.  Whether you are visiting us for the first time, or you’re already a member of the A & H family, we are striving to keep you as a valued customer and friend for life. Our team of automotive care specialists give it 150% each day for every customer to ensure a great experience and get them happily back on the road. To our team you are not a number, you’re a friend and a member of our A & H family. Knowing full well you could have taken your car to one of the many local Honda, Toyota or Subaru dealerships for service or repair, but you chose the A & H team…and to us that means we’re doing things right! We are one of the only family owned and operated auto repair shops in Delray Beach, and the surrounding area, that is equipped with the same technology and *capability of a franchise dealer. We are able to provide all of the service and repair work that a comparable dealership service department has to offer. Our mission is simple, we are committed to ensuring your experience is top-notch, our service, maintenance or repair work is performed to factory specifications and that you become a lifetime member of our family at A & H.

To learn more, the sections listed below cover the wide range of auto care, maintenance and repair services we offer at A & H Automotive of Delray Beach. Each area gives you a detailed description of our maintenance and repair services and what makes us different at A & H. Why guess, bring your vehicle in to let one of our highly trained and experienced auto technicians diagnose the problem!

Oil & Filter Change

Following your factory maintenance schedule is imperative, and especially if you car or truck is under warranty! And the care of your vehicle is just as important when it expires. Learn more about our factory and regular scheduled maintenance services!

Timing Belt Replacement

Belts on a engine perform basic functions that keep some very complex vehicle systems performing optimally. Timing belts specifically keep your engine in sync, and it’s a belt that if left uncheck stranded on the side the road and can cause damage to engine. Read more timing belts, warning signs and why you need it inspected or even replaced.

Brakes, Shocks, Suspension, & Axle Repair

We provide several service options designed to evaluate, repair or replace elements of your steering, braking and suspension system. Keeping your car or SUV within factory specifications is important to your safety and quality of the ride of your vehicle.

Electrical & Driveability Problems

The electrical system of your car or truck can cause a variety of different problems, if your system has a broken circuit, wire or on-board computer malfunction. Learn more about common electrical issues and how our technicians can diagnose and pinpoint what going wrong!

Clutch & Transmission Repair

Your car or SUV’s clutch and/or transmission may be causing your vehicle slip or miss shift. Initial warning signs such as low fluid levels or leaking. Learn more about this mechanical area of your car or SUV, and how we can help diagnosis and repair.