Timing Belt Replacement

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What is the Timing Belt?

A timing belt is a rubber belt that is located behind the drive belts in the engine compartment. Its primary function is to keep your engine’s crankshaft in sync with the camshaft(s). This ensures proper timing of the engine valves.


Things To Consider When Changing Your Timing Belt.

When changing or having your timing belt change, it’s a good recommendation to also replace the water pump, pulleys and tensioner. The reason is… if you only replace the belt and the pulleys and tensioners should fail, it can cause valve or piston damage and could lead to really expensive repairs.


Our Recommendation:

As always, we follow the recommended factory maintenance provided by the manufacturer when replacing the timing belt!  In over half of the cars, trucks and SUVs on the road the timing belt is what’s driving the water pump. With that being said, when it’s time to replace your vehicle’s timing belt, it is more cost effective to go ahead and have your water pump, pulleys and tensioners replaced as well, since the majority of the cost of repairs are wrapped up in labor. This also makes sense because water pumps, pulleys and bearing wear out overtime.


Common Warning Signs To Indicate You May Need To Replace Your Timing Belt

Squeaking or squealing noise coming from timing belt compartment.
If your vehicle won’t start.


How important is this service?

Ignoring or not following the manufacturer’s maintenance schedule and never replacing your  timing belt can lead to major engine failure. It’s good to have this essential component of your vehicle’s engine to be check out by an ASE certified automotive technician if you’re not sure. Regularly checking the condition of your vehicle’s timing belt is very important as you’ll save yourself money and a bunch of headaches if we catch it before there’s a problem.  To learn more about all of the other maintenance and repair services we offer at A & H Automotive visit our Services page